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Chem-Dry of East Tennessee provides the most reliable professional furniture cleaning service in Loudon.  At Chem-Dry of East Tennessee, we treat your home with great care in order to uphold the value of your upholstery.  Our customer satisfaction is ensured through our innovative cleaning methods and solutions.  Chem-Dry of East Tennessee supplies an experienced upholstery cleaning service in Loudon with a healthier, deeper clean that dries within hours.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Loudon

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Loudon

Professional upholstery cleaning is important for a clean and healthy home.  Furniture comes in contact with skin, dirt and grime daily, making it very important to keep your upholstery clean.  Many professional upholstery cleaners leave behind a stiff or sticky residue, making your furniture uncomfortable and the residue can cause skin irritation.  Chem-Dry of East Tennessee relies on the power of carbonation, rather than gallons of soapy water in order to clean deeper and dry faster.  Researched to leave you with soft, comfortable, and deeply cleaned furniture, our methods are made to eliminate dirt attracting residues that other professional cleaners leave behind.

Your furniture will be measured and evaluated by our professional technicians before the cleaning process begins.  Our experienced staff can properly clean virtually any upholstery while keeping them free of damage.  Most professional cleaners use large amounts of water to rinse out harsh chemicals, soaps and detergents, taking close to three to four days to dry.  With the Chem-Dry® process, your furniture will dry within hours, greatly reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Couches and chairs are used so often that they easily accumulate stains and spills.  For the most trustworthy upholstery cleaner in Loudon, call Chem-Dry of East Tennessee to get rid of even your most difficult stains!  With a careful evaluation and testing of each stain and spill, our highly trained professionals will apply to best product for an effective removal every time.

For the best upholstery cleaning in Loudon, call Chem-Dry of East Tennessee professionals today! 

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